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Whether you are an interior designer, real-estate professional, corporate art buyer, or involved in hospitality management, our gallery is equipped to provide tailored services and exclusive benefits to enhance your commercial endeavors. 


With our extensive experience in the art world, we understand the intricacies of acquiring art for a range of commercial settings.


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We offer exclusive benefits to our commercial & interior design partners:

Collectors Discount Program

We provide a discount if a client is looking to place multiple pieces in their facility.

Preferred Pricing

As one of our commercial partners you always receive preferred pricing for your clients. We have offer pricing quotes within 24 hours.

Delivery / Logistics

27 years in the business has enabled us to get simply the best shipping and logistics pricing. We build our own crates, and insure it door to door.

Virtual Installations

We provide (free of charge) virtual installations for spaces / walls you are looking to fill (or sculptures!).

Explore a preview of our extensive art offerings:

Modern Design

Max Steven Grossman

Max Steven Grossman was born in Barranquilla, Colombia in 1971. He originally studied engineering and graduated from the University of Philadelphia in 1994. Soon after he discovered his passion in life for photography.

Music 3 Ed. 5/5 48x100, trans mounted metallic print
Music 3 Ed. 5/5 48x100, trans mounted metallic print

Paul Rousso

Paul Rousso est un artiste et un innovateur de renommée internationale. Élevé en Caroline du Nord et formé au California College of the Arts, Rousso puise son inspiration dans les paradoxes du monde qui l'entoure. Véritable perfectionniste, les techniques de Rousso font un bond dans le futur, car sa vision et son imagination fusionnent pour embrasser de nouvelles frontières conceptuelles et physiques.

Christie's NY Post War & Contemporary, 33x89x6
Hot Popcorn, 28x22x7
NYT Weekend Arts, 50x54x10

Ross Tamlin

Ross Tamlin was born in Auckland, New Zealand in 1958. Influenced by the De Stijl movement, his paintings represent a synthesis of art and function. Incorporating the aesthetics of modern industrial technique, the corrugation in the paintings is a visual illusion created by layers of paint and varnish. The use of bold modern signage adds another layer of visual interpretation

Boomer, Oil on Canvas, 44x42
Carnoustie, Oil on Canvas, 44x42

Hunt Slonem

Hunt Slonem is primarily a painter focused on naturalistic subject matter with an emphasis on bright color. His reference to the mystical is prevalent as his work pivots between the fantastic and the natural; these natural forms ultimately become the subjects for many of his artworks. Repetition is also a prominent aspect of his work, to Hunt they are a reference to Andy Warhol however the true nature of his repetition is a spiritual practice, a worship.

CHope Diamond Dust, Oil & Acrylic with Diamond Dust on Canvas, 30x30
4 Play Again, Oil on Canvas, Oil on Canvas, 28.50 x 26

Jeremy Houghton

Jeremy Houghton paints great occasions and incredible journeys, favouring themes of light, space and passages of time. The subjects that characterise these scenes are illuminated by his focus on the spaces in which bodies linger, shimmer, move and often take flight.

Away with the Birds, Oil on Canvas, 31.50x31.50
You Raise Me Up, Oil on Canvas, 39.30x39.30
For Heaven's Sake, Oil and gold leaf on canvas, 27.60x27.60

Russell Young

Russell Young, born in 1959 in Yorkshire, is a British-American artist best known for his large scale silk screen paintings examining cultural icons, the nature of fame, and the souring of the American Dream.

Marilyn Crying Sea Blue and Black, Acrylic, oil based ink and diamond dust hand pulled screen print on linen, 62x48
Bruce Lee Ravens Red, Acrylic, oil based ink and diamond dust hand pulled screen print on linen, 27x20.50
Bruce Lee Love Blue, Acrylic, oil based ink and diamond dust hand pulled screen print on linen, 27x20.50

Canadian Contemporary Artists

Jane Waterous

Jane Waterous is known for her diverse series of work created with acrylic, resin, and neon installation, however, she is best known for The Gatherings series which won her the prestigious Solo Artist Award in 2012 at the New York Art Expo. Her Gatherings, sculpture-like 3-dimensional figures, are the embodiment of 3 decades of work. Each painting literally and figuratively jumps off the canvas and dances in a synergistic halo of light, depth, colour, and action.

Circle Of Friends 4343, Acrylic on canvas, 72x72
Scatter 3350, Acrylic on canvas, 36x36
Close Up of Jane Waterous Painting, Acrylic on canvas

Joshua Jensen-Nagle

For over a decade, Joshua Jensen-Nagle has captivated the viewer with his evocative large-scale photographs. Best known for his dreamy aerial beaches, expansive ski scenes, romantic European vistas, and dramatic old-world interiors, Jensen-Nagle’s photographs of faraway places carry a strong sense of nostalgia.

Dreaming of Montauk, Photography, 58x72
Matterhorn Views For You, Photography, 58x77

Judy Cheng

Judy Cheng est une artiste de Vancouver qui a étudié sous la direction et l'influence de l'artiste local Gordon Smith. Ses paysages et ses scènes d'hiver reflètent l'environnement naturel de Vancouver à Whistler. Elle est une peintre pure et le sujet n'est que le début. "Le processus créatif consiste à comprendre ce qui se cache sous la peinture et plus vous en voyez, plus vous voulez y être".

Summer A, Acrylic on canvas, 60x60
Fresh Snowfall, Acrylic on canvas, 48x48

Envision art in your space with our complimentary virtual installation service.

Russell Young, Crying Marilyn, 62x160
Jane Waterous, Circle of Trust, 36x36
David Yarrow, Wakanda, 40x48

Are your visitors searching for the perfect work of art? Perhaps they’ve found several, but you’re not sure how they will integrate with the other elements in your environment? Allow us to create a Virtual Preview of the art for you.


Utilizing digital photographs of your interior, we’ll superimpose to scale your preferred works of art from our gallery or website - this is a complimentary service we offer at The Whistler Contemporary Gallery.

Partner with us to transform your spaces with the perfect blend of art and professionalism




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